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I go by Big Smurf and I'm a Hip-Hop producer straight out of Providence Rhode Island. I love to make Hip-Hop instrumentals and tunes. I'm always looking for some rappers to spit some rhymes over my tracks. If you hear and anything you dig lemme know and I'll hit you up.



My name is Sam Salinger, I am 16 and I am from the great city of Providence, RI. I've always had a love for music, but there is nothing I love more than to create it. Ever since I can remember I would play random notes on my grandma's grand piano and play my little plastic guitar like I was Jimi Hendrix playing the National Anthem at Woodstock. Now, I love to go into Ableton Live and create my own music, mainly Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals. I am currently unsigned but I hope to someday become a professional producer. I post all of my newest tracks and tunes on my SoundCloud page (you should definitely follow me if you haven't already) and every track I post is free to download, so feel free to download them and spit your own verses over them. I'm always looking for some vocalists/rappers to record some vocals on my tracks. If you are interested let me  know by using the "Contact Me" button to the left.

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